Cenotes – Hidden treasures at the Yucatan Peninsula

CENOTES– Hidden treasures at the Yucatan Peninsula

Today I would like to bring you closer to the open water sinkholes that are called: Cenotes( the word cenote is only used in mexico).  I loovee cenotes;))) So here I gathered some information and pictures for you, hope you enjoy!

Everybody , and I mean everybody who is visiting Cancun,Playa del CarmenPuerto Morelos,Merida,..( mentioning those towns because they are the most frequently visited at the Yucatan Pensinsula in Mexico) should take time to visit at least one cenote during their stay!! They are spectacular , every one of them and not one is the same than the other. They say that there are around 6000 cenotes at the peninsula and about 2000 of them are censured. The rest is still undiscovered.

The word cenote comes from the mayan  word: dzonoot. The most used translation is: Well .Cenotes are sweet water sinkholes. You can find sinkholes all over the world , but the ones at the Yucatán peninsular are one of a kind. Each and every one of them!!

River Underground inside of cenote.

To visit a cenote next time you are in Cancun or its surroundings go to:                             www.extreme-adventure.us